Kelly Kelley

Hello. I am Kelly Kelley. 

I was born and raised in Singapore. My first real job was with Singapore Airlines as a Flight Attendant. I then moved to Tokyo to learn Japanese and landed a job as a Japanese / English / Mandarin / Cantonese interpreter in Hong Kong. I spent six years in Theme Entertainment Construction and eventually left my career in 2008 as a Project Manager to pursue a lifelong dream - I moved to Paris to learn French and the art of making French pastries. I graduated Gregoire Ferrandi and worked at L'Oasis, a two Michelin-star restaurant in Mandelieu la Napoule near Cannes.

I ended up in California in 2010 after reconnecting and falling in love with my American husband whom I met years ago in Hong Kong. I became a Mother to our beautiful 4 year old son. 

I grew up in a house with my grandparents, parents, nine uncles, aunts and many, many cousins, so I believe it takes a village to raise a child.

I love to travel. New places, cultures, sights, sounds and tastes inspire me and make me feel alive. I have curled up under dubious wool blankets on the ground with my sister in villages of Guilin, China during winters without heaters or flushing toilets as well as sun-tanned in the summer along the Azur coasts of the beautiful French Riviera.  I love sleeping in a tent, under the starry night, camping in The Sierras, as much as lounging in a jacuzzi tub, with a cocktail in hand, at The Caesars. 

I am a dreamer. I believe in dreaming and dreaming big. 

I get excited when I read about using Jasmine, Mango and Candied Grapefruit in one Macaron. Even more excited when I feel the sincerity of a friend holding eye contact when they talk to me.

I am known for my pastries, so if you stop by, you will often be treated to gluten and refined-sugar-free desserts like Raspberry Lychee Rose Cake, Earl Grey Peach Tea Macarons, or there's always a tub of Dark Chocolate Lavender Ice-cream in my fridge because that's my husband's favorite. 

I am into sharing honest feelings and will often ask how you are feeling because I truly would love to know. 

Balance, balance, balance. 

I believe having a sense of community with the right people help us feel supported, loved, acknowledged and nurtured. With that, we can achieve anything in our life.

I love my family and doing things with them. We raise our eight chickens, grow herbs, build fairy gardens and go on adventures and road trips whenever we can.  I love to cook and bake and we love being in nature, hiking, skiing, canoeing, four-wheeling. I have a super spontaneous and adventurous husband who sparks all the colors into our life here in California. Together, we make #kelleysadventures. Check out our adventures on instagram.

I enjoy hearing from readers so feel free to drop me a note if you have a question or even just to say hi at hello@mylittlebakerina.com




My Little Bakerina is a place on the web where I write about my life, food, tastes, adventures and motherhood.

I enjoy journaling and always wanted a place where I can document my daily happenings, better organize my travel recs, health-centric recipes and shopping discoveries. I often wanted to find answers to my own questions about - health, parenting, style and what-nots. And quite frankly, after three years of solid motherhood, I was losing my sense of identity. In the summer of 2015 out of my kitchen, I started My Little Bakerina in an attempt to find that unicorn. I started writing and wrote about what mattered to me, what inspired me, what made me happy or made me sad or made me who I am today. I wanted to reconnect with myself while I balance marriage, caring for our son and my life in a foreign country that is now my home. Starting this blog has since proven to be therapeutic and rewarding in so many levels. From the writing to photo-taking and collaborating with friends on feature articles, I feel alive, fun and a real sense of community. The blog has evolved into a space where I hope that my sharing inspires families to slow down, cook together, eat healthier, get outdoors, breathe and experience the wonder of life, adventure and nature. 

I write all the posts myself unless otherwise noted and only share things that I truly love. So whatever you see here is a true reflection of my tastes, thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, my wish is for this space to be a joy for all who loves to wonder about life, food, tasteadventures and motherhood. Thank you for reading!



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